Product operation from 0 to 1: How to get seed users
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Product operation from 0 to 1: How to get seed users

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Copywriting is inseparable from channels, products, people, and roles in the channel. Here we can write sem, banner, edm and soft text.

First analyze the role of the copy in it:

Sem: attract users to click to the landing page;

Banner map: attract users to click to the landing page;

Edm: Title: Attract users to open emails, content: Let users generate interest and convert;

Soft text: Title: Attract users to open articles, content: Let users generate interest and transform.

The copy here can be roughly divided into two categories: attracting users to click and letting users generate interest and transform.

For small companies, copywriting rarely carries the product image, because the copying of the general high is not very good, or there is a long time conversion, just to deepen the brand's position in the user's mind, obviously for survival. It is not a good deal for a company that is the last word.

So, our copy decided the direction:

Title: exaggerated and eye-catching;

Content: Write highlights to improve user conversions.

Considering that our products are the first in China, and there are only a handful of people in the world to do it again, and the domestic popularity is not high, so our content is biased towards use.

In the case of the banner map, the number of words is small, and you can only use the ai programming to improve the wording of 3 times the work efficiency.

So our soft title appeared: artificial intelligence helps you write java code, 99% of the programmers do not know the necessary artifacts, ai code artifacts let the programmers boil... The title of the mail is roughly: invitation You are together with XXX.

Sem's title and introduction have their own rules. When writing a title, you have your own rules. First, you must follow the rules of his universal words. Generally speaking, are you still looking for the {code completion} tool? Everyone is writing code in ai.

It seems that the title party is good, but such a click is still possible. Of course, if the content cannot keep up with the title, it will be smashed by the title party, and the content should be consistent with the title.

Our content direction is the product introduction, and the difference and advantage of ide's own code completion. Highlight the convenience and advancement of product use, and attach a user review photo.

EDM still narrates in an invitation, and invites programming big cattle to do artificial intelligence programming together.

Copy modification

When the copy is finished, everything will be fine? NO! It’s still a long way off, this is just the beginning.

After the copy is over, record a series of user data from exposure, click, and conversion, and analyze the problem in the data.

Ideally, we can bury the data in each layer, make a data funnel, and analyze the data conversion problem. However, in actual work, there are several companies that can complete these steps, rarely.

More often, it relies on the keen judgment of the operation. As for how to make judgments, it can only be more pits. But to put it over, the statistics that can be counted are still statistically:

Baidu can count the click rate, the pv of the website, and the final download volume;

The banner chart is not exposed to statistics, only the pv and final downloads of the website can be counted;

Edm can count the number of sending, open rate, click on the download link;

The soft text can count the readings. As for the conversion statistics, it is very embarrassing. It basically belongs to the same day, and counts 24 hours of registration. As for the reading volume compared with the average reading of the previous 10 articles, see the article title.

After getting the data, decide to optimize the title or the copy. There are some operations or copywriters who are not afraid of death. It is up to the feeling to modify something, or to suggest it, it doesn't feel reliable, or the data is reliable.

The overall copy, title and content are consistent, and after the optimization, the overall conversion effect exceeds our expectations. Under such a long conversion link, the worst reading conversion effect is also 10%.

Sixth, activities

After getting the first wave of users, can they only be a product user? If they are only a product user, the cost of draining them is a bit wasteful, turning them into product ambassadors or brand advertisers.

Many people will analyze the AARRR model. There is nothing wrong with applying the theory. The key is to land.


Pre-selection of this event aims to increase the number of user registrations and increase product visibility.

We can say a lot of activities, don't forget that the current stage of the Polaris indicator is to increase the number of user registrations, all activities and other operations, should be consistent with this goal.

Determine the purpose of the event: increase the number of user registrations!

This purpose has been achieved, and the purpose cannot be used as an indicator of investigation, so the ambiguous data is quantified.

Activity goal: 2,000 users will be grown through activities in one month.

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